General Contest Rules
The following rules apply to all contests, giveaways, promotions, and audience participation events and/or other games or events (hereinafter referred to as “promotions, events, or contests”) conducted by all Cherry Creek Media stations unless otherwise indicated elsewhere in this document or in addendums relating to specific promotions and or/events.
  1. Minimum age for participation is 18 at time of entry.

  2. Participant’s principal place of residence must be within the established coverage area of the station conducting the promotion. In the case of a promotion involving entrant’s place of work, said place of work must be within the established coverage area of the station conducting the promotion.

  3. All contestants/entrants/finalists must agree to abide by these rules. These rules will always be available at the business office of Cherry Creek Media at 231 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801 during regular business hours. Any listener, whether entered in a particular promotion or not, who appears at the station in person to request a printed copy of these rules will be given a copy. Copies of these rules may also be available from station personnel during a remote broadcast or personal appearance related to promotions. Sufficient copies of these rules will be made available to ensure that anyone who requests a copy will be able to obtain one in person at the station or a promotional appearance. Copies are not available by mail, e-mail, or fax.

  4. Specific promotions may have additional rules and/or conditions, which will be published as an addendum to these general rules and will be available as described in paragraph 3.

  5. In all cases where entry or participation requires calling the station by phone during a live promotion, or appearing at a remote or any other type of contests, any questions of eligibility will be judged and settled by the air personality conducting the contest at that time, based on good judgement, these rules and any applicable addendum.

  6. All promotions will be conducted under the guidance of the Program Director and/or the General Manager, and will be designed in such a manner to provide a fair and equitable platform for all entrants who wish to participate.

  7. It is acknowledged that only a limited number of audience members will be able to participate in any given promotion. Therefore, except as allowed in specific promotion addendums, no more than one entry per family, per contest, will be allowed in any promotion once in a 30-day period on any Cherry Creek Media stations. Additionally, only one household winner per event that could last more than 30 days. For the purpose of these rules, a family is a defined as any and all persons living at a common address, whether related by blood or marriage or not.

  8. Any and all addendums for specific promotions are hereby appended to these rules and are made a permanent part thereof.

  9. These rules and any addendums thereto may be changed at any time with or without notice if required by changing circumstances or laws.

  10. Should any portion of these rules or addendums be held invalid by law, all other portions will remain in force.